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Professional Sugar Land, TX Restaurant Cleaning Services


Do you want to see a real transformation in your commercial kitchen? Hood Master is your local kitchen cleaning partner in Sugar Land, TX. 

Our Experience

Hood Master offers professional kitchen cleaning services by experienced technicians and local hood cleaners who work around the customer’s schedule. Our cleaners will provide prompt service and quality workmanship. One phone call is all it takes to get the best cleaning services that will make your commercial kitchen look brand new again.


  • We will refresh and maintain your kitchen appliances.
  • We operate in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas.
  • We are a team of expert cleaners and experienced technicians.


Get in touch with us to learn more about available services in Sugar Land, TX. 

Hood Master Sugar Land, TX Cleaning Services


As a trusted cleaning company, we work closely with managers and restaurant owners. Our Sugar Land restaurant cleaning services are based on extensive cleaning experience and acquired knowledge. Our technicians and expert cleaners will help make your commercial kitchen shine again.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning


Restaurant hood cleaning is a type of kitchen maintenance and cleaning service required by law to ensure the safety of everyone. Hood Master specializes in hood cleaning in Sugar Land, TX, catering to all kinds of food service establishments and can handle all types of commercial range hoods.


We understand that kitchen exhaust cleaning is crucial for restaurants to operate smoothly and the importance of performing excellent services that adhere to the local building and fire codes. With our restaurant hood cleaning you will get:


  • Professional grease cleaning.
  • Complete exhaust fan cleaning.
  • Scraping of dirt, dust, and sticky grease from the ductwork.
  • Polishing of the restaurant hood.


Rooftop Grease Containment


Rooftop grease containment systems help keep the entire restaurant clean and safe. With our rooftop grease containment, you can guarantee outstanding results.


You can expect our service to:


  • Improve the efficiency in your kitchen area.
  • Comply with local fire and safety codes.
  • Prevent damage to the building.


If you are searching for reliable Sugar Land rooftop grease containment maintenance, call us. Here at Hood Master, we specialize in helping restaurants achieve the safety standards required by the law.

Restaurant Appliance Cleaning


Keeping your restaurant appliances clean is vital not just for aesthetic purposes, but for the safety of the customers and staff. If the appliances in your commercial kitchen are dirty, they can contaminate the food ingredients with harmful bacteria and viruses, creating health risks for both staff and customers.


Do not let grease, grime, and dirt be your downfall. Hood Master offers the best Sugar Land, TX kitchen cleaning services. We can deep clean appliances including:


  • Food processors.
  • Coffee brewers.
  • Commercial blenders and grinders.
  • Walk-in freezer and refrigerators.
  • Grills and components.
  • Toasters.
  • Microwaves.
  • Deep fryers.
  • Range hood and ovens.

Hood Filter Cleaning


With our kitchen exhaust cleaning, you do not have to worry about your vent system and hood filters. Our hood cleaning service will tackle the grease and particles from the filters and make sure the hoods are intact and ready to use.


Hood Master is a professional, dependable hood cleaning company. Our local hood cleaners are on standby and ready to give the cleaning service you need.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

If you need the best Sugar Land, TX restaurant cleaning and maintenance, call us. Hood Master is a reputable cleaning company that has worked with many restaurant owners and managers to achieve their goals. We have helped many restaurants achieve the level of cleanliness needed to pass health and safety inspections.

Hiring a Sugar Land, TX Kitchen Cleaning Service for Your Restaurant

Hood Master is proud to serve Sugar Land, TX with the best commercial kitchen cleaning service. Look no further for a specialist that will do everything you need to make your restaurant clean and safe.


Want to schedule a restaurant cleaning appointment with Hood Master as soon as possible? Visit our office or call us. Our friendly staff is available to discuss your preferred service.