Rooftop Grease Containment

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rooftop grease containment including exhaust fan cleaning

Rooftop Grease Containment Services In Houston, TX

Have a rooftop grease containment that needs servicing? Hood Master is a professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company that has extensive experience with rooftop grease containment. Need immediate help and want to inquire about the Houston cleaning services we offer? Call us today.

Food establishments deal with a tremendous amount of food preparation. This means that the exhaust hood system and the rooftop fans are constantly being utilized. The exhaust system, pulls fumes, residues, and vaporized grease into the trapped rooftop containment system.

It is essential to keep the grease traps clean to prolong their lifespan and make sure that it is functioning properly.


Hood Master is the professional Utah rooftop grease containment cleaning and maintenance company you need. 


  • All of our members from the administration to the fieldworkers are passionate and focused. 
  • Our Utah hood cleaners are highly skilled and know the regulations.
  • As a trusted kitchen cleaning company in Houston, Texas, we offer customized rooftop grease containment solutions.
  • The number one goal of our cleaning crew is to guarantee our customers are happy and content with the results.


Hood Master is available and ready to help you with your rooftop grease containment needs. Give us a call today for a free restaurant exhaust hood cleaning estimate, or to get more information about the services we offer.

Reasons To Hire Hood Master For Your Houston Rooftop Grease Containment


  • Fire and health safety codes

The national and local fire & safety codes require all commercial establishments to ensure safety. Hood Master will reduce fire hazards by cleaning your kitchen and making it grease-free. We’ll help your operation stay in compliance with all the rules and regulations. 

  • Reduce risks of damage to property

Oil and grease runoff is not uncommon, especially in food establishments. That is why regular or scheduled cleaning and maintenance is recommended. And if you want to score high with the inspectors, you have to make sure that the grease collection system is functioning and does not pose any dangers.

  • Grease and oil spills are not just nasty. They could cause stress and environmental issues. Once they mix with pipelines connected to the water source or drainage system, that could result in a catastrophic event.Diminish any possible fire risks 

It is not a secret that grease and oil are fire starters. Any hint of these lingering in the exhaust hood system, ductwork, and grease traps is dangerous. Our Hood Master cleaning crew will help get rid of the grease in your grease system to diminish any possibility of igniting a fire.

  • Eliminate any safety and health hazards

Aside from the fire hazards, grease, fat, fumes, and oil that is left uncleaned are hotbeds for germs and bacteria. Hood Master has the kitchen cleaning solutions that will best get rid of this problem.

  • Save the environment from potential chemical dangers

Grease and oil spills are not just nasty. They could cause stress and environmental issues. Once they mix with pipelines connected to the water source or drainage system, that could result in a catastrophic event.

Houston Restaurant Grease Trap Services We Offer

Hood Master is an expert when it comes to grease filter cleaning. We have skilled personnel and experts with the right experience in grease hood cleaning. You can entrust us with keeping your rooftop grease trap up to standards.

We offer Houston, Texas superb kitchen cleaning services for your restaurant, especially the rooftop containment system.


  • Outlet and inlet pipe cleaning
  • Clean out cap cleaning
  • Manhole frame and covers cleaning
  • Ductwork and vent system cleaning


Our cleaning crew can deal with whatever size of rooftop grease trap you have. Our kitchen hood cleaners can clean a small 10-gallon grease guard system or a 500-gallon grease trap.

Ask For Our Rooftop Grease Cleaning Estimate

Before hiring our rooftop grease containment services, get in touch with our Hood Master cleaning experts. We would be glad to provide insights and more details about our cleaning solutions. Our representative will also get you a rooftop cleaning cost for your project.

The pricing for our restaurant rooftop grease containment services depends on the following:

  • The location of the grease trap

One factor we consider is the placement of the grease containment system. Knowing where the system is installed will give us an idea about the proper equipment and methods to use.

  • The type of kitchen cleaning tools and equipment

Not all grease containment systems are the same. They vary in size and materials which we have to consider. Once we know basic information about your rooftop system, we will be able to recommend the right cleaning solution.

  • The size of the grease containment system

It is imperative to discuss the size of the grease trap when coming up with a fair service price. Hood Master will make sure that you will receive superb cleaning service for a fair cost.


Hood Master is here to help you whenever you are ready. Get more details about our restaurant cleaning services or inquire about the next steps.