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For an experienced exhaust hood cleaning company, you can depend on in Houston, give Hood Master a call. We are a professional restaurant hood cleaning company who can handle all kinds of commercial kitchen cleaning needs.

Getting your kitchen exhaust hood cleaned is a requirement per the fire codes in Houston. The codes are in place to ensure that commercial kitchens and restaurants are safe from potential health issues and fire risks.

Hood Master will help get rid of the odor, smoke, and grease trapped in the kitchen exhaust hood. 

Tell us about your kitchen hood cleaning needs. We will provide you with full detail of the restaurant cleaning services we have. 

Commercial Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service We Offer

At Hood Master, we go above and beyond to give our customers the best kitchen exhaust cleaning in Houston, TX. Our experienced members are focused on providing safe and efficient services. Each kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service we do can be scheduled so that there is zero to minimal disruption to the business operations.

  • Grease filters

A grease filter is attached to the hood and is designed to extract residues or particles that go into the exhaust hood. It is made from steel or aluminum frames and fabric. If left untreated, the entire exhaust system could malfunction. Also, the accumulation of highly combustible deposits could ignite a fire.

  • Ductwork

The ductwork is used to properly distribute fresh, clean air in the kitchen area. Commercial kitchen efficiency depends on the exhaust duct and vents. Hood Master can clean it for you.

  • Hood system control

Commercial hood systems should function correctly to manage the flow of grease vapor. Our cleaning crew will make sure that the hood system is not damaged during the cleaning of the hood. All components will be properly disassembled before cleaning.

  • Hood Filter Cleaning

The fan and motor power of the hood system work to expel grease particles. If these are covered in oil and debris, the whole system will not be able to extract grease vapors.

  • Hood body

The fan and motor power of the hood system work to expel grease particles. If these are covered in oil and debris, the whole system will not be able to extract grease vapors.

  • Hinge kits

To keep the kitchen exhaust hood safe from hazards, hinge kits are put into place. It is like a safety lock that puts the fans, motor power, and filters in a locked position and enables easy access when cleaning.

  • Lighting

The exhaust hood lighting is a crucial part of the hood system. At Hood Master, we have extensive experience cleaning exhaust hoods including their canopy lights. We can know how to handle the lighting system.

Each year, hundreds and thousands of kitchen fires start from the exhaust system. Keeping the exhaust hood grease and residue-free is the key to making sure that the establishment and people are safe. 

Hood Master Houston Exhaust Hood Cleaning Methods

Our commercial restaurant hood cleaning service includes deep cleaning of the grease filters and hinge kits. We will go over the external and internal surfaces of the hood.  

We do the following:

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance

Restaurant managers, cooks, and staff spend most of their time in the kitchen area. It is their workplace for at least eight hours a day. So, it is just right to keep their work environment safe from potential risks.

If it has been years since you last ordered a professional restaurant hood cleaning, today is the right time to talk with Hood Master. We offer top-notch cleaning services.

  • Professional power washing

There is a massive difference between a person who is holding a power washer and a professional. A skilled kitchen cleaning technician knows exactly where to look and how to hit the tough spots. Hood Master consists of experienced and skilled team that can properly perform restaurant hood cleaning for your entire exhaust system.

  • Fire-safe cleaning solutions

As a restaurant cleaning company based in Houston, we operate using the best machinery and kitchen cleaning solutions. 

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Contact our office to request a free restaurant hood cleaning estimate. We’ll provide some details regarding our commercial kitchen cleaning services. Once, we have the information we need, our representative will walk you through the next steps. By the end of the call, you should have an idea of the price and what’s involved.