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Trust Hood Master For Your Restaurant Cleaning Needs

Every business in Houston should present itself as professionally as possible to earn and retain the trust of its customers. An unkempt restaurant will deter people from your establishment. To avoid losing clients, hire a professional restaurant cleaning company.

Cleanliness is paramount when considering your restaurant’s impression. Signs of poor cleaning and negligence will turn customers off dining in.


Houston, Texas Restaurant Cleaning Services

Check out the restaurant cleaning services we offer that will help attract more customers.


Restaurant Window Cleaning

A restaurant’s windows easily get dirty and grimy, and a dirty windowpane is a red flag for poor standards inside the restaurant. If your windows have smudges and fingerprints, it is time to seek professional kitchen cleaning services in Houston. Hood Master has expert kitchen cleaners that will remove any buildup and fingerprints on your glass windows and doors. 


Window cleaning tasks are best handed to professional restaurant cleaners that can deal with various window sizes, placements, and types.


Restaurant Floor Cleaning 

Hood Master is a commercial cleaning company that offers full floor cleaning services for all restaurants in Houston, TX:

  • Dining and kitchen area floor cleaning.
  • Restaurant bathroom cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning of the lobby floor.
  • Restaurant patio floor cleaning.

For hardwood, concrete, laminated, vinyl, and tile and grout floors, contact our expert restaurant floor cleaners today.


Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is a popular choice in restaurant flooring since it makes the space look and feel more luxurious, and it comes in different designs, colors, appearances, and materials. It can, however, be more difficult to get stains and spills out of. Hood Master is a professional restaurant cleaning company that has experience getting rid of dirt, pollutants, and dust from any and all commercial carpets.

We offer a commercial carpet cleaning like no other. Our team of skilled kitchen cleaners can help to restore your carpets to their original appearance and quality.. We use high-quality, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and our techniques prolong the lifespan of the carpet.


Restaurant Power Washing

We provide a specialist cleaning service to all restaurants in Houston, TX. Our crew of pressure cleaning experts are experienced, professional, and will bring the interior and exterior of your restaurant to spotless hygiene standards.

Getting your business professionally cleaned is crucial to maintaining the standards that attract and retain customers. A clean restaurant will show customers of your exceptional work ethic and dedication to the craft and boost trust in your brand.

Our restaurant pressure washing service is the best in the Houston area. The power washing we offer will help you to send that message to your customers both new and current by removing dirt and leaving your floors looking like it was never even there.


Why You Need To Work With Hood Master

Regular cleaning of your restaurant’s flooring is essential in keeping the establishment safe and hygienically sound. Call us for restaurant cleaning services. A team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians will assess your business and give you a pricing estimate.

Hood Master offers the following benefits:

  • Professional cleaning of restaurant floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and mirrors.
  • Thorough pressure washing of the interior and exterior of the restaurant
  • Removal of grease and dirt on countertops
  • Cleaning of the doorknobs, faucets, mirrors, and light switches
  • Ensure that the restaurant is safe for customers and employees.
  • Complete removal and prevention of the spread of bacteria, viruses, germs, and diseases.
  • Restoration of the flooring and walls to their original state, appearance, and texture.
  • Extend the lifespan of commercial carpeting, floor tiles, and laminated floorings.


Schedule A Service With Hood Master

Hiring our cleaning experts for a complete restaurant deep-cleaning is easy. 

  • Call our office by phone at 346-258-7332.
  • Provide our staff with the details of the cleaning service you need.
  • Our staff will give you a pricing estimate.
  • Schedule the best possible time and date for our team to conduct an initial assessment.

Hood Master offers regular scheduling for restaurants in Houston, TX and the surrounding area.

If you have inquiries about the restaurant cleaning services we have or would like to receive an estimate for your cleaning project,  call us at  346-258-7332. Our specialists are on standby to provide the insights and information you need.