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Trust Hood Master For Your Restaurant Cleaning Needs

Every business in Houston, TX should present itself as professionally as possible to get the trust of customers. An unkempt restaurant will automatically decrease its points from people. To avoid losing clients, hire a professional restaurant cleaning company.

If you want to make a good impression in your restaurant, you should make cleanliness a priority. Any signs of poor cleaning will make people less willing to dine in.

Houston, Texas Restaurant Cleaning Services

Check out the restaurant cleaning services we offer that will help attract more customers.

Restaurant Floor Cleaning 

Hood Master is a commercial cleaning company that cleans restaurant floors free of nasty dirt that looks disgusting. We offer full floor cleaning services for all restaurants in Houston, TX. 


  • Dining and kitchen area floor cleaning
  • Restaurant bathroom cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of the lobby floor
  • Restaurant patio floor cleaning 


We Houston restaurants with floor cleaning services. For hardwood floors, concrete floors, laminated floors, vinyl floors, and tile and grout floors. 

Restaurant Power Washing

A special restaurant cleaning service we offer is power washing the establishment. Our crew of pressure cleaning experts is competent and can make the interior and exterior of the restaurant clean.


Getting your business establishment professionally cleaned is crucial to upholding high standards. A clean restaurant will tell customers exceptional work ethic and dedication to the craft. When your restaurant is clean, more customers will trust your brand.


Relying on your staff to thoroughly deep clean the kitchen, dining area or the exterior is a not a practical task.  Leave this task to a professional that is licensed and insured to carry out the power washing tasks. Hood Master has the experience to take on just about any job. We’ve cleaned some of the dirtiest establishments before, so no job is daunting for us. 


The Houston power washing we offer will help send that message to your loyal customers and potential new clients. Pressure washing removes dirt like they were never even there. Our restaurant deep cleaning services is the best in the Houston area.

Schedule A Service With Hood Master

Hiring our cleaning experts for complete and deep restaurant cleaning is easy. 


  • Call our office by phone at 346-258-7332
  • Provide our staff with basic details of the cleaning service you need
  • Our staff will give you details and restaurant cleaning estimates
  • Schedule the best possible time and date for our team to conduct an initial assessment


Hood Master offers regular scheduling for Houston, TX metro restaurants. 


If you have inquiries about the restaurant cleaning services we have or would like to receive an estimate for your cleaning project, call us. Our kitchen cleaning crew is on stand-by and would be glad to provide the insights and information you need. 

Why You Need To Work With Hood Master

Regular cleaning of the restaurant equipment is essential in keeping the establishment safe and clean. Call us for Houston restaurant cleaning services. A team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians will assess your business and give you an estimate.


Hood Master offers benefits like:


  • Make sure that the restaurant floors and walls are clean and uniform in appearance.
  • Ensure that the entire restaurant is safe for the customers and employees.
  • Scheduled professional cleaning of restaurant floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, mirrors, and more.
  • Complete removal and prevention of the spread of bacteria, viruses, germs, and diseases.
  • Removal of spills, stains, and dirt spots that were left uncleaned for quite some time.
  • Restoration of the flooring and walls to their original state, appearance, and texture.
  • Thorough pressure washing of the interior and exterior of the restaurant
  • Removal of grease and dirt on countertops
  • Grease hood cleaning