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Regular kitchen appliance cleaning is essential to keeping your restaurant operational. However, deep cleaning all of them and including their parts could be overwhelming. If you do not know the right process, it may be ideal to simply hire a professional restaurant cleaning company.

Do not let nasty food debris, mold, and grease ruin your business. Hood Master can take care of the mess and guarantee your restaurant appliances are immaculate.

Restaurant Appliance Cleaning In Houston, Texas We Offer

Our restaurant appliance cleaning services cover all commercial appliances you might have. The Hood Master cleaning team will wash and restore the appliances to their original squeaky clean state. Most of all, the approach we use complies with the regulations enforced at the national and local levels.


Have a commercial kitchen appliance you want to get cleaned? We got you. Check out our kitchen appliance cleaning in Houston below. Though we specialize in exhaust hood system cleaning, we are completely capable and ready to remove all the dirt and grease from your commercial appliances.

Cleaning Commercial Ovens

Commercial ovens are crucial for restaurants. They are the workhorses that are constantly being used and more prone to collecting grease, dirt, and food particles. This can lead to workplace and health issues.

Hood Master will take the stress of cleaning the commercial ovens out of your hands. Our expert cleaners will remove all the grease from the insides of the oven and its external surfaces.

Kitchen Ranges Cleaning

Another dirt magnet in the kitchen is the kitchen range. Burnt food debris, gunk, grease, and grime accumulate on the stovetop. Hood Master cleaning team has years of experience making kitchen ranges immaculate.


The kitchen appliance cleaning tools we use are non-abrasive and the detergents we apply are mild and safe. Let us help make your stovetop clean again, call us at 346-258-7332.

Restaurant Grill Cleaning


Whether your restaurant is using a charcoal or gas grill, robust cleaning methods must be done to keep the appliance at its best. Food debris, residues, and thick grease are not just ugly, they harbor bacteria too that could get mixed in the food. Besides, excessive burnt food on the grills will heat food unevenly.


Our Houston kitchen cleaning service will scrape the thick coat on the surface of the grill using non-abrasive tools. We will also use mild and eco-friendly detergent to ensure that the grease is thoroughly removed using safe solutions.

Deep Cleaning Commercial Freezers

As a restaurant manager or owner, one of your priorities must be to keep food safe and fresh. The commercial kitchen freezers do that job. What Hood Master can do is to guarantee the freezer is clean and can provide optimal storage conditions. 


A nasty freezer is a hotbed for bacteria and viruses. When it is left uncleaned, the germ buildup will contaminate the key ingredients you are using and serving customers. Our Hood Master kitchen cleaners are up to the challenge of cleaning commercial refrigerators and walk-in freezers. 


  • First of all, we will remove inventory
  • Second, we will unplug and disassemble the components or shelves
  • Lastly, we will wipe down and disinfect the interior of the freezer

Cleaning Food Blenders, Processors, And Mixers

Your food processors, blenders, and mixers are special devices that make the business go. Cleaning of their parts is what Hood Master does. We will clean each one of them and make sure they are ready to produce healthy, tasty food.


Our professional kitchen cleaners are equipped with the skills to correctly clean food processors. We will remove any dried food debris inside the crevices, tubes, and blades of the device. And then, we will rinse out the appliance with warm water and mild kitchen cleaning solutions. 


Kitchen food processors could lead to rust if not cleaned properly. Our personnel and expert cleaners will know how to handle this kind of cleaning task. Give us a call for insights and more details.

Why Choose Hood Master For Your Next Appliance Cleaning Project

  • Experience and expertise in appliance cleaning

There is a big difference between residential cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning. A professional restaurant cleaning company has the right experience and tools to help you pass inspections. Our kitchen cleaning crew will clean appliances, equipment, floors, hoods, and so on. Greases and oil stand no chance when you hire Hood Master. 

  • Customer satisfaction is achieved

Hood Master has always been committed to giving the Houston community high-quality kitchen cleaning services from restaurant cleaning, hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, to commercial appliance cleaning. To do that, we use methods that will solve and satisfy our customer’s requirements.

  • Risk-free initial kitchen appliance assessment

Before we start the job, a team member from Hood Master may come and visit your restaurant to inspect the kitchen appliances. From the beginning, we will offer recommendations and cleaning methods best suited for your establishment.