Pizza Oven Cleaning

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pizza oven cleaning

Grime and baked-on food are hard to remove, and not doing it properly can lead to untreated contamination and increase health risks to your staff and customers. You need a professional pizza oven cleaning to ensure your appliance is well-maintained and gets the cleaning it needs.

Are you looking for a pizza oven cleaning service in Houston? Hood Master is a cleaning expert specializing in kitchen hoods, appliances, and more.


  • We clean all parts of the kitchen appliances.
  • We disassemble components to clean each part thoroughly.
  • We scrape and sweep ashes, dirt, and hardened food debris as gently as possible to not damage the equipment.
  • We polish pizza ovens to make them look and feel brand new.

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Do You Need an Outstanding Kitchen Cleaning in Houston, TX?

Keep your oven clean with our Houston-based cleaning services.


Pizza ovens are awesome. They make delicious pizza we can all enjoy, so it’s important to remember that maintaining a clean and safe-to-use oven is crucial to avoiding food poisoning. As part of our local restaurant and kitchen cleaning services, we offer detailed cleaning for all kinds of ovens. That includes commercial kitchen ovens, brick or masonry ovens, and wood-burning stoves.

Pizza Oven Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning pizza ovens, trust only the local cleaning experts. Hood Master can clean the insides of the pizza oven,  the sides, and even the exterior and bottom.


Is there burned stuff on the bottom of the pizza oven? Are the insides covered with spills? Debris inside the pizza oven can affect the smell and taste of pizza. And the longer you let them sit there, the thicker and nastier they will become.


Call Hood Master to deal with these problems thoroughly. We do regular maintenance and quality cleaning of pizza ovens in the Houston area.

Wood-Burning Stove Cleaning

Do wood-burning stoves require regular deep cleaning? Typically, cleaning frequency depends on how heavily it is used. Usually, wood-burning stove cleaning is ordered at least once a month.


The ashes and dirt inside the stove can cause wheezing and coughing in the staff if not removed. Sometimes, they can lead to asthma attacks or other serious health issues. This is why regular wood-burning stove cleaning is important.


Hood Master can significantly improve the appearance of your stove by making it look and feel squeaky clean. Is it time for a deep wood stove cleaning? No problem. We can assist you in removing ashes and resolving other issues.

Brick Oven Cleaning


As the name suggests, a brick oven is made of bricks and is also known as a masonry oven. It remains a popular way to cook food and one of the best ways to produce chewy, flavorful pizza. In terms of affordable and effective cleaning, it is highly recommended to leave it to the professionals.


To continuously provide the perfect fluff and chewy pizza to your customers, you need a clean oven. Hire a local pizza oven cleaner to ensure your oven is safe and clean to use. Hood Master is experienced in cleaning all kinds of pizza ovens and we understand the proper way to clean any left debris and grease spills.

Specialist Pizza Oven Cleaners in Houston, TX

At Hood Master, we are passionate about restaurant and kitchen cleaning. We specialize in cleaning commercial range hoods, exhaust hood systems, and pizza ovens and we are excited to offer the best pizza oven cleaning services to restaurant owners in and around Houston, TX.


If you want to inquire about our Houston pizza oven cleaning, please call us. Let us know how we can help you and we will provide a free cleaning estimate via email as soon as possible.