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Professional Pasadena, TX Restaurant Cleaning Services

Does your restaurant or cafeteria need a restaurant cleaning service in Pasadena, TX? Hood Master is a local, trusted, dependable restaurant cleaning company based in Pasadena, TX. Give us a call!

Our Experience


Hood Master is a proud Houston professional restaurant cleaning company operating in Pasadena, TX. We make all commercial kitchens spotless and safe to work at. 


Our local hood cleaners have extensive experience to ensure that we provide all types of restaurant and kitchen cleaning services that include floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning. You can expect nothing less from us than to provide top-notch cleaning results.


  • Our cleaning team will provide excellent service and will work on a schedule most convenient to you.
  • We can handle multiple maintenance jobs and cleaning services.


The cleanliness of your commercial kitchen is as important as the food you serve. Choosing a hood cleaning company that can give the best results will make sure your kitchen meets and exceeds national health and safety standards. 


We understand the fast-paced kitchen environment and the need to deliver safe-to-consume food. Hood Master can clean and disinfect your restaurant resulting in an immaculate dining experience that your customers will never forget.

Pasadena, TX Cleaning Services That Will Eliminate Kitchen Problems


We have a team of technicians and expert cleaners that will make the difference to your restaurant. Our Pasadena cleaning services include consulting on all aspects of the work required for your kitchen involving cleaning and maintaining the appliances and restaurant areas.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Restaurant range hoods require regular maintenance and cleaning. Depending on how frequently the hood is used and with what intensity, cleaning should be done regularly and thoroughly.


Here are what you will get from our restaurant hood cleaning in Pasadena:


  • Professional cleaning of the exhaust hood and ductwork.
  • Complete commercial degreasing of components and parts.
  • Deep cleaning of the fans and the hood’s interior.

Rooftop Grease Containment

Dirt and grease accumulation can contribute to the fast deterioration of the kitchen exhaust and vent system. That is why it is critical to have a properly functioning rooftop grease containment. 


Our rooftop grease containment aims to:


  • Help business owners and managers handle their grease problems.
  • Lower the risk of grease fires.
  • Improve kitchen environment.

Restaurant Appliance Cleaning

Our specialists and technicians went through rigorous training to perform unparalleled service. We carry out our kitchen appliance cleaning using proven cleaning techniques, ensuring that your appliances are handled with care as if it is our own.


Hood Master offers affordable appliance cleaning services which include appliances such as commercial refrigerators and freezers. Other appliances we clean are:


  • Commercial ovens.
  • Grills and deep fryers.
  • Toasters and microwave.
  • Coffee machines.
  • Drying racks.
  • Food storage containers.
  • Commercial mixers, grinders, and blenders.
  • Food processors.

Hood Filter Cleaning

Many commercial kitchen fires are caused by the build-up of grease. A dirty range hood filter contributes to fire and safety risks. A trusted hood filter cleaner will help prevent the causing of expensive damage or fires, potentially saving you large amounts of money in the long run. 


When looking for hood filter cleaning, you cannot compromise. You need to partner with the best. Hood Master is a reliable Pasadena kitchen cleaning company that will provide detailed kitchen exhaust cleaning with experience, reputation, and a fair pricing structure.  

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Yes, we provide interior and exterior restaurant cleaning services in Pasadena, TX. We can clean all areas of the restaurants including floors, walls, and sidewalks. 


Our technicians use power cleaning tools to remove dirt, gum, and food spills. Aside from grease buildup and other kitchen messes, restaurants also face other hazards that can greatly affect the safety of your restaurant and the customer experience.


Hood Master provides the complete restaurant and hood cleaning service in the Pasadena area you can expect from us!

Hiring a Pasadena, TX Kitchen Cleaning Service for Your Restaurant

Restaurant cleaning can significantly increase the safety and productivity of your commercial kitchen. A clean restaurant and kitchen will shorten the time to prepare the appliances and equipment and ease the workload of the kitchen staff. It will also keep the workplace safe and reduces the risks of food contamination.


Hood Master are well-equipped with the essential cleaning tools to sanitize and degrease commercial kitchen appliances and equipment. 


We offer a range of kitchen cleaning services to the restaurant industry in Pasadena, TX. Give us a call to find out more about our services or schedule a cleaning appointment.