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Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filter Cleaning Services in Houston

Hood Master specializes in hood cleaning services. Our team of Houston hood cleaners can handle the dirtiest jobs around the area. So, if you are done with the exhaust hood system malfunctioning or the bad odor coming from uncleaned hood filters, contact us.

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The professional hood cleaners at Hood Master are available to have your hood cleaned whenever you need. Emergency exhaust hood filter cleaning? We can do that too!

Proper Hood Filter Cleaning And Maintenance

Hood filter cleaning is not just important, it is required! 

The NFPA or National Fire Protection Association requires all commercial kitchens or establishments with service areas in Houston, Texas to adhere to strict restaurant cleaning and maintenance guidelines. These regulations are imposed to guarantee the safety of commercial kitchens and their exhaust hood systems to avoid grease-borne fires.

  • Regular kitchen hood filter inspection and cleaning

Hood Master offers great kitchen cleaning services which include getting rid of grease from the hood filters. Our services will significantly decrease any chance of hazards affecting the operations in your kitchen. Plus, our hood filter cleaning solutions will definitely prevent your business from getting fined.


We recommend regular kitchen hood cleaning services for commercial kitchens that use a lot of oils.  This means we will schedule a monthly visit to inspect and clean the hood exhaust filter.

  • Semi-annually hood exhaust filter cleaning

Not all restaurants or commercial kitchens need regular kitchen hood exhaust cleaning services. Our Houston kitchen cleaning has helped businesses that operate with medium-volume cooking operations. If your restaurant is operating like this, this is the right hood cleaning service for you.


Our Semi-annually hood filter cleaning service entails deep cleaning of the exhaust hood by professionals and using food-friendly cleaning solutions

  • Annual Houston hood filter cleaning and maintenance

Some local food businesses in Houston, Texas have seasonal or low-level cooking operations. For these types of businesses, Hood Master offers the best filter cleaning service. We will deliver cleaning solutions that will wipe clean the hood filters. If necessary, we suggest hood filter replacement to the customer.


Most businesses that require annual hood filter cleaning services operate in low-volume cooking. But that is not to say that inspection of the range hood and its maintenance is not necessary. Grease and dirt will still accumulate in the exhaust hood system which can affect the performance of the kitchen equipment.

Not only is regular hood filter cleaning required by Houston fire codes, but insurance companies also inspect for safety and cleanliness. If you need more insights or have any questions about our Houston hood filter cleaning services, contact us.

Hood Master Hood Filter Cleaning Methods

Deep cleaning the exhaust hood system is what Hood Master does. We will get rid of the dirt and grease from the grease filters using the best kitchen cleaning practices and equipment.

  • Standard warm water vent and exhaust hood filter cleaning

You can check hood filter cleaning off your to-do list because our cleaning crew will be more than happy to do it for you. We will deliver the best results and ensure the filters are deep cleaned and not damaged causing expensive repairs or replacements.

  • Deep hood filter foaming technology


At Hood Master, we prioritize giving our customers the best services. We are continuously learning and developing methods that clean the kitchen exhaust hood system. We use specialized eco-friendly solutions, as well as, steam.

Your Houston Exhaust Hood Filter Cleaning Company

Our restaurant cleaning company is your one-stop-shop for kitchen cleaning needs. We utilize high-end cleaning equipment and have dedicated hood cleaners. Look no further for the right Houston cleaning company to discuss your next cleaning project, give us a call.

One of our commercial hood cleaning experts will answer your inquiries and provide an estimate for your kitchen cleaning needs.