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Professional Conroe, TX Restaurant Cleaning Services

Grease buildup, food and drink spills, and smoke are just some of the issues commercial kitchens face every day. Conroe restaurant cleaning is the solution you need to expel an unwanted odor and refresh the kitchen.

Our experience

Hood Master consists of skilled and trained specialists with a solid reputation as a premier restaurant cleaning company headquartered in Houston, Texas. 


We handle all kinds of restaurant cleaning, no matter the size of the cleaning project or any complexities. Our team takes pride in delivering unmatched commercial kitchen cleaning in Conroe, TX, and the surrounding communities. Our customers depend on us to give:


  • Honest and effective kitchen cleaning services.
  • Prompt and dependable cleaning specialists and technicians.
  • A professional performance that will ensure respect for property and safe handling of appliances and equipment.


When hiring a Conroe, TX restaurant cleaning service, you will want to make sure you are getting the best deals. Hood Master is the company you need.

Complete Cleaning Services For Conroe Commercial Kitchens 

Expert commercial cleaners can save your restaurant kitchen from falling apart. Hood Master offers affordable and effective kitchen cleaning services that will fully sanitize your appliances and equipment.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning


We understand the need to keep restaurant hoods safe. A clean commercial range hood can reduce the risk of accidental fires and will significantly improve the quality of air inside the kitchen.


Our Conroe-based restaurant hood cleaning is designed to help commercial kitchens keep free of harmful contaminants. Carbon monoxide, residue, and fumes from cooking are unwanted contaminants that can harm employees and customers. With our hood cleaning service, you can say goodbye to grease buildup and toxic pollutants for good.

Rooftop Grease Containment

A rooftop grease containment is designed to capture the grease to prevent it from overflowing. Our expert cleaners are the best degreasers in Conroe, TX who can assess your system and provide the best cleaning and maintenance service. Call us to discuss what you need and to request a free rooftop grease containment estimate. 

When you hire our rooftop grease containment, you can expect:

  • Reduced chances of accidental fire caused by grease accumulation.
  • Compliance with local codes and safety standards.
  • Improved kitchen productivity.

Restaurant Appliance Cleaning

Are your commercial appliances experiencing issues? Dirt and grease might be contributing to their poor performance and you may need professional Conroe-based cleaners to maintain your appliances and resolve the problem.

We offer deep cleaning for cooking appliances, food preparation equipment, and storage solutions like freezers and refrigerators. We are experienced in removing mold growth and hard-to-remove food debris. 

Your restaurant appliances and equipment are crucial to running your business, so It is essential to protect your investment. Contact Hood Master for a complete and effective restaurant appliance cleaning.

Hood Filter Cleaning

Over time, the hood filters will build up thick grease that will block the vent system and it is recommended that this system is cleaned once a month.  Performing regular kitchen exhaust cleaning will avoid potential fire hazards from lingering inside the kitchen.

Hood Master will conduct thorough cleaning that will remove the foul odor, fumes, and smoke. Our local Conroe hood cleaners are experienced in handling all types and sizes of hood filters.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

All food service establishments are required to have regular cleaning to ensure everything is in place, and keeping the restaurant clean shows that you are putting your customer’s interests in mind.

Our restaurant cleaning service will sanitize and disinfect your dining and kitchen area, leaving it wonderful and spotless. Got stains on the kitchen appliances? We will eliminate the dirt and polish your stainless steel equipment.

Hiring a Conroe, TX Kitchen Cleaning Service for Your Restaurant

Your commercial kitchen area is where the magic happens. But often, it gets messy and feels and smells unbearable. Hood Master is the partner you need to bring your kitchen back to standards.


We perform the best cleaning procedures that will exceed your expectations. With our skilled technicians and specialists, we can thoroughly clean commercial kitchen appliances, grills, and exhaust systems, along with any other appliances that your kitchen may have.


Why let grease and spills sit on your appliances, walls, and floors when you can get affordable and trustworthy cleaning services? Call Hood Master today! We will disinfect and sanitize your restaurant so you can feel confident serving your customers again!

  • Standard warm water vent and exhaust hood filter cleaning

You can check hood filter cleaning off your to-do list because our cleaning crew will be more than happy to do it for you. We will deliver the best results and ensure the filters are deep cleaned and not damaged causing expensive repairs or replacements.

  • Deep hood filter foaming technology


At Hood Master, we prioritize giving our customers the best services. We are continuously learning and developing methods that clean the kitchen exhaust hood system. We use specialized eco-friendly solutions, as well as, steam.

Your Houston Exhaust Hood Filter Cleaning Company

Our restaurant cleaning company is your one-stop-shop for kitchen cleaning needs. We utilize high-end cleaning equipment and have dedicated hood cleaners. Look no further for the right Houston cleaning company to discuss your next cleaning project, give us a call.

One of our commercial hood cleaning experts will answer your inquiries and provide an estimate for your kitchen cleaning needs.