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Professional College Station, TX Restaurant Cleaning Services


Do you want to see a real transformation in your commercial kitchen? Hood Master is your local kitchen cleaning partner in Sugar Land, TX. 

Our Experience

Hood Master is a Houston-based restaurant cleaning company. We help restaurant owners avoid problems caused by an unkept commercial kitchen.


We offer various restaurant and kitchen cleaning for all kinds of food-service establishments in College Station. Our seasoned local hood cleaners work to achieve the best cleaning results that will make your restaurant operate at the highest standards.


Keeping commercial kitchens at their peak performance is what we do. You can expect quality results from us.


  • We will arrive on schedule with all the essential restaurant cleaning equipment and supplies to handle the deep cleaning of your entire commercial kitchen.
  • We understand why it is important to exceed customer expectations and will finish our work with a thorough wiping down of counters and kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Cleaning Services in College Station You Deserve


As a trusted cleaning company, we work closely with managers and restaurant owners. Our Sugar Land restaurant cleaning services are based on extensive cleaning experience and acquired knowledge. Our technicians and expert cleaners will help make your commercial kitchen shine again.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hoods and vent systems are your first defense against kitchen pollution. Eliminating grease, particles, and other tar deposits from the restaurant hood will help keep your kitchen in full compliance with local codes and standards.


The most cost-effective solution to reduce restaurant kitchen risks is to remove grease buildup from the kitchen hood system. Grease build-up is a kitchen issue that can cause equipment breakdown, or worse, a fire. Hood Master provides expert hood cleaning services that help remove smoke, grease, and odor from commercial kitchens.


    Rooftop Grease Containment


    The FOGs from cooking turn into aerosols and the kitchen exhaust system extracts these dangerous fire hazards from the air. Unfortunately, some oil and grease will stick to the various parts of the ductwork and jeopardize the safety of your establishment and everyone inside.


    Our rooftop grease containment is the perfect solution for your commercial kitchen. This service will not only prevent costly roof repairs but also protect your business, employees, and customers. Ordering a routine cleaning and maintenance service from us will help avoid fats, oil, and grease leaking out onto your establishment’s roof.

    Restaurant Appliance Cleaning


    Keeping your restaurant appliances clean is vital not just for aesthetic purposes, but for the safety of the customers and staff. If the appliances in your commercial kitchen are dirty, they can contaminate the food ingredients with harmful bacteria and viruses, creating health risks for both staff and customers.


    Do not let grease, grime, and dirt be your downfall. Hood Master offers the best Sugar Land, TX kitchen cleaning services. We can deep clean appliances including:


    • Food processors.
    • Coffee brewers.
    • Commercial blenders and grinders.
    • Walk-in freezer and refrigerators.
    • Grills and components.
    • Toasters.
    • Microwaves.
    • Deep fryers.
    • Range hood and ovens.

    Hood Filter Cleaning


    With our kitchen exhaust cleaning, you do not have to worry about your vent system and hood filters. Our hood cleaning service will tackle the grease and particles from the filters and make sure the hoods are intact and ready to use.


    Hood Master is a professional, dependable hood cleaning company. Our local hood cleaners are on standby and ready to give the cleaning service you need.

    Restaurant Cleaning Services

    Hood Master offers a full range of restaurant cleaning services throughout College Station, Texas including cleaning appliances, equipment, and all restaurant areas from floor to ceiling.


    Whether you need routine kitchen cleaning or want to boost the curb appeal of your restaurant, we can help. Our seasoned Houston cleaning team will get you back on track and in compliance with local codes.

    Schedule Your College Station Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning Today

    Your restaurant facilities and appliances need constant cleaning to provide the best dishes. Maintaining your commercial kitchen will not only keep hygiene standards high but will reduce the risk of fire or accidents, keeping your kitchen problem free for years as well as saving you a ton of money.


    Keep your restaurant kitchen at its peak performance. Our College Station cleaning team has the solutions you need to prevent your restaurant from encountering problems with health inspectors and customers.


    Request a free estimate and assessment from Hood Master. Our trained specialists will be your partner in ensuring your kitchen is in tip-top shape.


    Hood Master offers scheduled and cost-effective cleaning and maintenance plans. Need complete details of our services? Contact us today.