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Professional Baytown, TX Restaurant Cleaning Services

Tired of all the grease and grime in your commercial appliances and hood filters? Hood Master is here to help. We can get rid of the FOGs from your exhaust system and other equipment.

Our Experience

Hood Master is a restaurant cleaning company that handles all kinds of kitchen cleaning needs and we service Baytown, TX, and surrounding areas. 

We have years of experience in professional floor cleaning, polishing, appliance cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, and more. It is our mission to provide the best cleaning experience for our Baytown customers. 


  • We give the best Baytown restaurant cleaning services.
  • We prioritize the interests of our clients.
  • We go above and beyond normal cleaning to ensure restaurants are safe for the staff and customers alike.


Our team consists of highly trained specialists in restaurant and kitchen cleaning. Reach out to Hood Master to get your cleaning estimates.


Hood Master Baytown, TX Cleaning Services

Our Baytown kitchen cleaning services provide excellent solutions for your greasy problems. We are well-equipped with food-safe cleaning supplies that will get rid of the fats, oils, and grease in your kitchen.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

A working range hood removes and minimizes odor buildup in the kitchen by properly ventilating the kitchen and expelling airborne steam, fume, smoke, and particles from cooking.

If you want to ensure your restaurant range hood is in its tip-top shape, give us a call. Hood Master offers the best hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning in Baytown, TX. We have extensive experience in protecting commercial kitchens from biological and chemical contaminants.

Rooftop Grease Containment

Hood Master offers cost-effective and efficient rooftop grease containment. With our affordable services, you will prevent damages and faults in your kitchen resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.

Our rooftop grease containment aims to:

  • Help prolong the lifespan of the kitchen exhaust and vent system.
  • Minimize the risks of fires and health issues.
  • Uphold the local health and safety codes.

We want to help our clients avoid additional expenses. That is why we ensure to provide the right services at an affordable price. Give us a call to learn how we can maintain your rooftop grease containment.

Restaurant Appliance Cleaning

hospitality industry. Searching for a Baytown restaurant cleaning company near you? Get in touch with Hood Master. Our specialists are prepared to make your commercial kitchen appliances spotless once again. 

We offer complete sanitizing and maintenance to:

  • Cooking appliances like commercial ovens and grills.
  • Food ingredient storage equipment like freezers and refrigerators.
  • Food preparation appliances including commercial blenders and mixers.


There are many kitchen appliances that make a restaurant run smoothly. Keeping them clean and regularly maintained will prevent issues and ensure a continuous workflow in the kitchen.

Hood Filter Cleaning

Hood filters build up grease, dirt, and bad odor from the bi-products of cooking. Keeping your hood and filter clean will minimize and reduce obstruction to the airflow, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the range hood system.

Our kitchen exhaust cleaning includes cleaning hood filters., removing buildup and grease that attracts pests and insects, and leaving the hood filter, ensuring that it will function more efficiently.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional cleaning company in Baytown will help boost your restaurant’s appearance and efficiency. This will allow more to people will enjoy their dining experience resulting in an increase in customer loyalty. 

For safety and health purposes, consider our restaurant cleaning services. Our service focuses on disinfecting the kitchen and dining area as well as deep cleaning the kitchen appliances. 

Hiring a Baytown, TX Kitchen Cleaning Service for Your Restaurant

Hood Master is a trusted Baytown restaurant cleaning company skilled in sanitizing, disinfecting, and maintaining commercial kitchens. We also know the best methods for odor control solutions.

Our headquarter is in Houston, Texas. We serve the nearby communities of Baytown, TX. Consider our cleaning services if you are in need of a dependable cleaning company nearby.

Call us to learn more about our commercial kitchen cleaning in Baytown and to receive a free estimate via email.