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Commercial Kitchen And Exhaust Hood Cleaning For Your Restaurant In Houston, TX

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Hood Master offers Houston commercial kitchens, schools, cafeterias, hotels, and resorts a professional restaurant hood cleaning service. 

We are well aware of the high standards demanded of cleaning a commercial kitchen in the Houston area. Hood Master is a provider of top-notch kitchen and exhaust cleaning in accordance with the NFPA 96 fire codes and other Houston, TX area regulations. 

Our cleaning team consists of highly skilled and experienced kitchen cleaners ready to satisfy your requirements. Give us a call and let us discuss the best kitchen and restaurant hood cleaning for your business.

Houston Exhaust Hood System Cleaning

Aside from being greasy and unhygienic, uncleaned exhaust hood systems pose major health and safety concerns. Residues left in the kitchen exhaust hood are extremely flammable. The grease in the kitchen hood and duct contributes to the fast spread of fire.


Working with Hood Master means you are dealing with a professional kitchen exhaust and restaurant hood cleaning company in Houston, Texas. Having to stress with a messy kitchen and an exhaust hood system that could catch on fire at any time is not worth it. The kitchen is one of the most fire-prone areas in a restaurant, sure you can get rid of surface grease and odor, but the threat is still there.


At Hood Master, we ensure that the exhaust hood system is functioning properly and none of the residues attributed to grease fires are lingering on the hood filters or left inside the vents.

Comprehensive Restaurant Cleaning in Houston, TX

The aesthetic of a food establishment is one of the factors that people consider before they become a customer. Let’s face it, the way your restaurant looks and feels matters. You need to maintain a clean and fresh-looking establishment to attract more customers.

Hiring a professional restaurant cleaning company is the best thing you can do. Kitchen staff and cooks typically have their own tasks to follow, and unfortunately, deep cleaning the entire restaurant is not their primary goal.

Hood Master offers a comprehensive restaurant cleaning with an outcome that will be enjoyed by both employees and customers. We can handle the full cleaning of your kitchen and dining area.

Deep And Complete Restaurant Appliance Cleaning

Complete and deep cleaning of kitchen appliances isn’t just for the positive image of your business. Restaurant appliance cleaning is in compliance with the fire and health regulations in Houston, TX. So, if you want to amaze your customers with a fresh and clean meal, you will want to make sure your kitchen appliances are free of molds and mildew.

Everything in the kitchen will be dirty, that is a fact. With chefs running around preparing ingredients and assistants delivering orders, the commercial kitchen and appliances will experience some food spills. It is also true that inspectors want to see a safe and healthy working environment. 

Most kitchen equipment and appliances get simple wipes instead of comprehensive cleaning using the proper cleaning solutions that they need. This leads to grease, bacteria, and germ buildup. If you catch a glimpse of dirt and grease in your kitchen appliances, give Hood Master a call.   

Houston Rooftop Grease Containment

Restaurant grease is a nightmare you don’t want to get trapped in because once it is there, it is hard to remove. Grease traps are designed to manage fats and oils coming from the kitchen and exhaust system. Without an appropriate and clean rooftop grease containment system, your restaurant could be in serious danger. 


Grease buildup contains acid and debris that could easily deteriorate the roof. That is not a small problem that you can simply ignore. Cleaning and maintenance of the rooftop grease containment is important for your food business to thrive.

Hood Filter Cleaning

There is nothing that Hood Master cannot do. We have helped numerous clients deep clean their exhaust hood systems. Our hood filter cleaning service is non-abrasive, removes all the grease from the exhaust fan filter, and can be a one-time exhaust hood cleaning service or periodic maintenance. 


We make sure to deep clean the entire hood filter; disinfecting and polishing its parts, including the stainless steel frame. We can also put together personalized cleaning services for your needs and wants. So call us for hood filter and restaurant hood cleaning services!

Choose Hood Master For Hood Cleaning & More!

Cleaning a restaurant and doing preventive maintenance is crucial when it comes to keeping the commercial kitchen at its best. At Hood Master, our trained staff and specialists will conduct deep cleaning services for any and all your kitchen needs. We use specialized equipment when performing our job to meet the standards of local authorities, health inspectors, and insurance companies. 

Hood Master is more than just a cleaning business that is prepared to make your kitchen squeaky clean. We are a team of determined professionals that will really dive into what your business needs in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Though our expertise is in hood cleaning, we offer other essential cleaning services such as roof grease containment and kitchen appliance cleaning to help business owners in every way we can.


Do you want to impress your customers and inspectors with a sparkling dining and kitchen area? We can help make that a reality.

Interested in inquiring about our kitchen cleaning services in Houston, TX? Then please give us a call. We can schedule a convenient time and date for us to visit your business. 

Kitchen Exhaust System

We understand how busy commercial kitchens can get. And still, you want your working environment clean and safe. However, cleaning and maintaining the kitchen exhaust system takes a lot of time and you may need help from professionals.


Over time, the exhaust vents will accumulate dirt. Leaving pollutants unnoticed will clog the entire exhaust system and the bacteria and viruses will keep circulating throughout the building. At Hood Master, we offer a kitchen exhaust system cleaning that will get rid of the mold, bacteria, dust, and dirt from the air ducts.


What we offer is a kitchen exhaust system cleaning that prioritizes the commercial air ducts and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

How Much Does Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services

Hood Master offers comprehensive and affordable professional restaurant cleaning services in Houston, Texas. Our price for kitchen cleaning depends on many factors, like the level of difficulty of commercial cleaning and type such as deep cleaning kitchen appliances, etc.


To find out more about our kitchen cleaning services and their costs, call us now. A representative from our team will provide the details you need and a fair estimate of the kitchen cleaning services you need.

We Provide Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

Hood Master has been working in the sanitizing industry for years. After the last customer leaves and the restaurant closes, our professional kitchen and exhaust cleaners go to work. Our crew is ready to perform the best restaurant cleaning and ensure your dining and kitchen areas are fresh and clean for the customers and inspectors.


With our professional restaurant cleaning services, your kitchen staff and chefs will enjoy a fully sanitized and cleansed working environment. We will make your restaurant immaculate again. As a superior in the cleaning industry in Houston, all our services include:


  • A superb cleaning service for the dining area, kitchen area, including kitchen equipment and appliances
  • Trained and skilled professional restaurant cleaners
  • Flexible cleaning schedule 
  • Tried and tested restaurant and kitchen cleaning methods, kitchen cleaning solutions, tools, and cutting edge cleaning machines


Get more information regarding our kitchen restaurant cleaning services by contacting our professionals today.