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Fire Extinguisher Certificaton


Fire Extinguisher Certification involves training, experience, and then taking and passing a comprehensive examination to prove that a fire protection technician knows how to do his job properly. The most extensive examination and certification is administered by NaFed (National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors). This test is given by the ICC (International Code Council). The ICC also tests several other professions for certification.


The certification involves taking a series of examinations depending on the type of fire protection that the technician has been trained and is testing for.  This test can be very difficult to pass due to being so extensive.  Many states require NaFed Certification for fire equipment technicians.  Georgia  and New Jersey require NaFed Certification. Some jurisdictions in Alabama are now requiring this as well. It is hoped that all states will go to this type of certification.


A company, FPC Ltd. (Fire Protection Certification) also provides fire protection certification in fire extinguishers, kitchen fire suppression systems, industrial fire protection and DOT training. Many states accept this certification including Louisiana. This training and certification also involves hands-on training and testing to prove that the fire protection technician knows how to properly perform service. Though this certification is not required in many states FireSouth Fire Equipment Service Company, LLC. Birmingham, Alabama, highly recommends this training and certification for all fire protection technicians.





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