Cook sweating like a man trapped in a sauna.


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Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning at a Good Price - $250(Alabama)

Date: 2011-03-31, 5:41PM EDT
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Are Your Employees Already Sweating Like A Group of Folks Trapped In a Sauna?


There is nothing more embarrassing than to have your wait staff dripping sweat on tables while taking care of paying customers. Or cooks so tired from working in hot kitchens that they hate coming to work. Do something now before it gets hot outside.


What can you do? You may need a check up on your fan, the belts on your fans changed, the tension adjusted, clean the grease off of the fan blades, and cleaning the grease for the housing and drip pan. Then you can call a professional hood and duct cleaning company to clean the hood, duct, fan and grease filters throughly. .Or you can call us to do all this for you. We have been doing professional hood and duct cleaning and maintenance for 18 years. We know that you want to run your restaurant and have your employees feel as comfortable possible while they are working for you. We are the hood and duct experts. Call us for service at HoodMaster (800) 688-9648. or email us at Regular hood and duct cleaning is required by fire code and most insurances but results may vary. Warning do not perform or attempt to perform any type of hood and duct or fan maintenance on your own unless you are a professional hood and duct company employee. Hood fans can be dangerous, besides having a fan blade that can cause harm, touching a fan housing with loose or naked wiring may lead to electrical shock. We do not advocate that any one other than a professional hood and duct cleaning company attempt to clean or maintain any part of a hood, duct, fan and exhaust system. Results of exhaust and kitchen temperature may vary and depends on many factors including but not limited to how clean the hood and duct system is and the type of hood and duct system, the dimensions size, and the size and age of the fan and fan motor. In other words, we will clean and maintain what you have at a reasonable price. Starting at $250 for 11 foot hood depending on amount of grease present and last date of cleaning.


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