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New Fire Codes Affect Business Owners

Make sure you are within code and compliance.


The latest versions of the the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA for short) fire codes including NFPA 96 greatly affect business owners but particularly small business owner.


NFPA 96 is the code that governs commercial hood and ducts such as those found in restaurants, schools, churches, daycares and other commercial locations. Local Fire Marshals, Fire Inspectors, and Fire Protection companies use these codes to structure the codes of each city, or other municipality. Even though some cities may have their own addtional rules, almost all city and state Fire Marshals follow these uniform rules.


Rule NFPA 96 is of most of importance to business owners who own or operate any kinde facilty where commercial cooking may take place. This includes locations where the customer does not actually eat at the location where the food is prepared such as catering companies.


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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If we clean your hood and duct and if you are not 100% satisfied with our service we will work to make it right even if that means recleaning the hood and duct. If we cannot clean it right we will redo the service for free. If you are stil not satisfied we will refund you 100% of the money you paid for the cleaning within service.


Why would we make this ridiculous offer? First of all our competition thinks that we are crazy for putting so much trust in you, the customer. But, we trust that you will like our prices so much you will prefer to pay us and lock in a 3 year service agreement. We are honest and trust that our customers are also. This is an incredible offer so, if phones are busy please leave us a message or send us a quick email describing the type of service you need.


In addition, for all our customers, if we perform your hood and duct cleaning, we guarantee you our great a low service price. If you find a better legitimate price we will beat it.

*Some restrictions apply. See below for restrictions.


*Offer good for cleaning within specific part of the hood and duct system if not properly cleaned the first time and within a 5 day notification period. After a 5 day period many hoods might become dirty or soiled from normal cooking. HoodMaster will charge for an additional cleaning if hood and/or duct is soiled or dirty or has additional grease buiid up caused by cooking after the initial cleaning by HoodMaster takes place. Limited to Birmingham, Alabama area only. Only customers that pay the price we bill within 30 days are qualified to sign a 3 year service agreement at this guaranteed low price. Other restrictions may apply and offer subject to change without notification. We may refuse service to any customer for whatever reason. We are honest and trust that you are also. Companies not in business at the location for at least 2 years must sign 3 year service agreement in order to qualify for this offer. Offer limited to cleaning of hood and duct only, does not include filters does not include any repairs, replacement, parts, or other addtional labor not included in hood and duct cleaning.



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